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List of FHWA Research Software Downloads

Download NameDownload NumberDateResearch AreaKeywords

Congestion and Bottleneck Identification (CBI) Tool Software Download
Version 1.2January 2019Research, Operations, CongestionResearch, Operations, Traffic, Bottleneck
INelastic STRUCTural Analysis of Reinforced-Concrete and Steel Structures (INSTRUCT) SoftwareVersion 1.1 Research, Infrastructure, Structuresresearch, infrastructure, structures, bridges, foundations, piles, INelastic STRUCTural Analysis of Reinforced, Concrete and Steel Structures, pushover analysis

Deep Foundation Load Test Database (DFLTD)
Version 2.0January 2017Research, Infrastructure, Structures, Bridges, Foundations, Pilesresearch, infrastructure, structures, bridges, foundations, piles
Tim Benefit-Cost (TIM-BC) ToolVersion 2.0November 2015Research, Operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITSresearch, safety, user manuals, benefit cost analysis
HIgh PERformance PAVing (HIPERPAV III®Version 3.3May 2015Infrastructure, Pavementsinfrastructure, pavements, construction, concrete software program, curing, concrete, HIgh PERformance PAVing (HIPERPAV)
Capacity Analysis for Planning of Junctions (CAP-X) ToolVersion 2.0June 2014Operationsresearch, operations, intelligent transportation systems, ITS, Travel behavior, Active Transportation Demand Management (ATDM), Managing Travel Demand (MTD), Integrated Corridor Management (ICM), Active Traffic Management (ATM), User behavior response, software
2013 Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM)Version 9.0September 2013Infrastructure Design SafetyResearch, Infrastructure, Design, Safety, Interactive Highway Safety Design Model, IHSDM, software
Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Program Standard Data ReleaseRelease #27January 2013Infrastructure, PavementsResearch, infrastructure, pavements, Long-Term Pavement Performance Program, LTPP, Standard Data Release #27
Surrogate Safety Assessment Model (SSAM) SoftwareN/AJuly 2010Advanced Research SafetyResearch, safety, intersections, safety, SSAM, software, Surrogate Safety Assessment Model, license agreement
Updated: Thursday, January 31, 2019