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Public Roads - Summer 1996

New Research

New Research

The following new research studies reported by the Federal Highway Administration are sponsored in whole or in part with federal highway funds. For further details on a particular study, please contact Bob Bryant, editor of Public Roads.

Title: Safety Management System Evaluation Methods

Objective: Promote creativity and innovation in the development of alternative approaches for conducting management systems evaluations.

Contractor: The Analytic Sciences Corp.

Expected Completion Date: January 1997

Estimated Cost: $109,553

Title: Innovative Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program for Composite Research

Objective: Establish cooperative agreements with universities to develop roadside safety structures using composite materials. Specifically, under this contact, a composite-material roadside barrier will be developed.

Contractor: Catholic University of America

Expected Completion Date: January 1999

Estimated Cost: $150,000

Title: Crash Test the Connecticut Impact Attenuation System (CIAS)

Objectives: Conduct a series of tests on CIAS to provide a fully tested impact attenuation system for Connecticut and other states.

Contractor: Texas Transportation Institute

Expected Completion Date: August 1996

Estimated Cost: $73,000

Title: Night Driving and Highway Lighting Requirements for Older Drivers

Objectives: Determine the safety and mobility benefits for older drivers achievable by good roadway lighting design and practice. Use a visibility model, such as Small Target Visibility, and an analysis method of improved nighttime lighting systems to improve contrast while producing lower levels of glare. Conduct a controlled field study to validate the benefits to all drivers - but especially older drivers. Determine where and under what conditions lighting should be installed to provide maximum benefit to drivers.

Contractor: Last Resource

Expected Completion Date: January 1999

Estimated Cost: $596,136

Title: Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) - Data Analysis

Objectives: Provide assistance to FHWA to coordinate and integrate the overall LTPP data analysis program. Prepare detailed preliminary statements of work for specific projects. Conduct data analyses. Assist with technology transfer activities. It is estimated that 70 percent of the LTPP data analysis program will be completed under this contract.

Contractor: Eres Consultants

Expected Completion Date: March 2001

Estimated Cost: $7,500,000

Title: Nondestructive Bridge Evaluation Technology

Objectives: Develop a methodology to incorporate preventive treatment of concrete bridge components into PONTIS bridge management systems. Develop a methodology to predict concrete bridge component condition when PONTIS is first implemented and historical condition data are not available. Enhance PONTIS to predict concrete corrective treatment and corresponding funds at network level.

Contractor: Wilbur Smith Associates

Expected Completion Date: March 1998

Estimated Cost: $250,556

Title: Bridge Stay Cable Condition Assessment

Objectives: Develop and verify a cost-effective and practical way to measure tension forces in the cables of cable-stayed bridges using the vibration method.

Contractor: Construction Technology Labs

Expected Completion Date: June 1997

Estimated Cost: $443,385

Title: Transportation Research Board Cooperative Agreement

Objectives: Assess Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) product implementation and acceptance. Assess the conduct of LTPP studies and related research. Provide technical assistance to FHWA.

Contractor: National Academy of Sciences

Expected Completion Date: March 2001

Estimated Cost: $4,550,000

Title: Trucking Research Institute Cooperative Program

Objective: Perform research studies on motor carrier safety issues, including: driver fatigue and alertness; application of emerging technologies; regulatory compliance; and driver education, training, and licensing. Currently, 10 projects have been specified under this agreement; others may be initiated during the life of the agreement.

Contractor: Trucking Research Institute (American Trucking Associations)

Expected Completion Date: March 1999

Estimated Cost: $5,000,000