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Public Roads - Spring 1997

Contents of Volume 60

Number 1, Summer 1996
title author page
Federal Aid Road Act of 1916: Building the Foundation by Richard F. Weingroff 2
From 1916 to 1939: The Federal-State Partnership at Work by Richard F. Weingroff 7
Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956: Creating the Interstate System by Richard F. Weingroff 10
Three States Claim First Interstate Highway by Richard F. Weingroff 18
Poetry of the Open Road by Tamara Broberg 20
Artists Look at Roads by Richard F. Weingroff 22
Local Government Highway Finance Trends, 1984-1993 by Leonard S. Goldberg 24
Engineering Marvels by Richard F. Weingroff 28
Atlanta to Showcase ITS Traveler Information by David F. Williams 35
Condition and Performance of the Interstate System --After 40 Years by Clifford M. Comeau 40
Road Movies by Richard F. Weingr 42
Number 2, Autumn 1996
title author page
Eight Steps Toward a Smarter National Highway System by Christine M. Johnson 2
Congestion Pricing: Reducing Traffic Jams Through Economics by Ginny Finch 4
Performance of Epoxy-Coated Rebars in Bridge Decks by Jeffrey L. Smith and
Yash Paul Virmani
FHWA Launches New Nationwide Seismic Bridge Design Training by James W. Keeley 13
Aftermath of the Kobe Earthquake by Hamid Ghasemi,
Hisanori Otsuka,
James D. Cooper, and
Hiroyuki Nakajima
WesTrack: The Road to Solutions by Terry Mitchell 23
Test Roads: Designing the Pavements of the Future by Terry Mitchell 26
The Promise of High-Performance Concrete by David C. Smith 31
Intelligent Transportation Systems in Japan by Hideo Tokuyama 41
Smart Road, Smart Car: The Automated Highway System by Nita Congress 46
Number 3, Winter 1997
title author page
Quality Journey Update: Results That Make a Difference by Margherita DiCenzo and
Trish Day
The Highway Safety Information System: Transforming
Data Into Knowledge
by Jeffrey F. Paniati and
Forrest M. Council
Architects of Change: Creating America's 21st Century
Intermodal Transportation System
by Rodney E. Slater 10
The Road to Reauthorization: Building on the Success of ISTEA by Cheryl Hoffman and
Lawrence Paulson
Keep the Good Times Rolling: ISTEA Success Stories by Cheryl Hoffman and
Lawrence Paulson
Development of a Bridge Steel Database by Glenn Washer and
Greg Nelson
South Carolina Trooper Is Top Inspector by Stan Hamilton 30
Timber Bridges in the United States by Sheila Rimal Duwadi and
Michael A. Ritter
Internet Watch by Dick Stirba 41
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Piers:
A Bridge From the Past to the Present
by Doug Rekenthaler 43
Closing the Technology Gap by David C. Smith 52
Moving Forward Smartly: The Role of ITS in the NEXTEA by Jeff Lindley 57
Number 4, Spring 1996
CMCRA: Where the Tire Meets the Road by Dr. Brian Chollar and
Dr. Mohammed Memon
Highway Statistics by Mary K. Teets 4
ATMS Human Factors Experiments Produce Design Guidelines by Nazemeh Sobhi and
Michael J. Kelly
New Inventions and Patents   10
Park Project Is a Paragon of Partnership by Kevin M. Mentz,
Eric Worrell,
and F. Dave Zanetell
High-Performance Materials: A Step Toward Sustainable Transportation by Susan Lane,
Eric Munley,
William Wright,
Marcia Simon, and
James D. Cooper
FHWA's Applied Highway Infrastructure Research Program on Composite Materials by Martin W. Hargrave,
Eric Munley,and
Thomas J. Pasko
Building the Bridge to the 21st Century With ... Aluminum? by William Wright 30
High-Performance Steel: Research to Practice by William Wright 34
Structural Monitoring With GPS by Keith Duff and Michael Hyzak 39
List of Authors
author issue page reference
Tamara Broberg 1 p. 20
Brian Chollar 4 p. 2
Clifford M. Comeau 1 p. 40
Nita Congress 2 p. 46
James D. Cooper 2 4 p. 17 p. 19
Forrest M. Council 3 p. 4
Trish Day 3 p. 2
Margherita DiCenzo 3 p. 2
Keith Duff 4 p. 39
Sheila Rimal Duwadi 3 p. 32
Ginny Finch 2 p. 4
Hamid Ghasemi 2 p. 17
Leonard S. Goldberg 1 p. 24
Stan Hamilton 3 p. 30
Martin W. Hargrave 4 p. 23
Cheryl Hoffman 3 p. 12, p. 17
Michael Hyzak 4 p. 39
Christine M. Johnson 2 p. 2
James W. Keeley 2 p. 13
Michael J. Kelly 4 p. 7
Susan Lane 4 p. 19
Jeff Lindley 3 p. 57
Mohammed Memon 4 p. 2
Kevin M. Mentz 4 p. 12
Terry Mitchell 2 p. 23, p. 26
Eric Munley 4 p. 19, p. 23
Hiroyuki Nakajima 2 p. 17
Greg Nelson 3 p. 27
Hisanori Otsuka 2 p. 17
Jeffrey F. Paniati 3 p. 4
Thomas J. Pasko 4 p. 23
Lawrence Paulson 3 p. 12, p. 17
Doug Rekenthaler 3 p. 43
Michael A. Ritter 3 p. 32
Marcia Simon 4 p. 19
Rodney E. Slater 3 p. 10
David Smith 2 3 p. 31, p. 52
Jeffrey L. Smith 2 p. 6
Nazemeh Sobhi 4 p. 7
Dick Stirba 3 p. 41
Hideo Takuyama 2 p. 41
Mary K. Teets 4 p. 4
Yash Paul Virmani 2 p. 6
Glenn A. Washer 3 p. 27
Richard F. Weingroff 1 p. 2, p. 7, p. 10, p. 18,
p. 22, p. 28, p. 42
David F. Williams 1 p. 35
Eric Worrell 4 p. 12
William Wright 4 p. 19, p. 30, p. 34
F. Dave Zanetell 4 p. 12