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Public Roads - November/December 2001

Conferences/Special Events Calendar

Conferences & Special Events Calendar

Date: Nov 8-9, 2001
Event: ABC's of International ITS Business
Sponsor: Asphalt Pavement Alliance, National Asphalt Pavement Assn., Asphalt Institute, State Asphalt Pavement Associations
Location: Austin, Texas
Contact: Carol Prouty

(888) 468-6499

Date: Nov 14-16, 2001
Event: Asphalt Pavement Conference: A Lifetime of Smooth Performance
Sponsor: Asphalt Pavement Alliance (Asphalt Institute, NAPA, and State Asphalt Pavement Associations)
Location: Austin, Texas
Contact: Carol Prouty

(888) 468-6499

Fax: (301) 731-4621

Date: Nov 30-Dec, 4 2001
Event: 87th Annual American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Meeting
Sponsor: AASHTO
Location: Fort Worth, Tx.
Contact: Hannah Whitney, (202) 624-8489
Date: Dec 3-4, 2001
Event: Telematics Software and Hardware Developers Conference
Sponsor: ITS America
Location: Santa Clara, Calif.
Contact: Pete Costello


(202) 484-4668

Date: Jan 13-17, 2002
Event: 81st Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board
Sponsor: Transportation Research Board (TRB)
Location: Washington, D.C.
Contact: Linda Karson, (202) 334-2362, (
Date: Jan 16-19, 2002
Event: Annual Meeting of ADSC: The International Association of Foundation Drilling
Sponsor: ADSC
Location: St. Petersburg, Fla.
Contact: Lori Schirpke


(214) 343-2091Fax: (214) 343-2384

Date: Feb 20-21, 2002
Event: 7th International Symposium on Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
Sponsor: Monash University Accident Research Center
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Contact: Lorraine Curtis,


+61 3 9905 1345, Fax: +61 3 9905 1343

Date: Mar 3-7, 2002
Event: 47th Annual Convention of the National Asphalt Pavement Association
Sponsor: NAPA
Location: San Francisco, Calif.
Contact: Carol Prouty


(888) 468-6499

Fax: (301) 731-4621

Date: April 28-May 1, 2002
Event: Third National Seismic Conference & Workshop on Bridges and Highways
Sponsor: FHWA, Oregon and Washington State DOTs
Location: Portland, Ore.

Michael Higgens


Pure Technologies

(410) 309-7050

Fax (410) 309-7051

Date: April 29-May 2, 2002
Event: ITS America's 12th Annual Meeting and Exposition
Sponsor: ITS America
Location: Long Beach, Calif.
Contact: Sandra Fitzgerald,


(202) 484-2902

Date: May 1-3, 2002
Event: Fourth Biennial Interstate Technical Group on Abandoned Mines
Sponsor: Iowa and Illinois DOTs
Location: Davenport, Iowa
Contact: Matthew G. Trainum


(515) 239-1476Fax: (515) 239-1873

Alan G. Goodfield


(217) 782-2713

Date: May 12-16, 2002
Event: North American Travel Monitoring Exhibition and Conference (NATMEC)
Sponsor: FHWA, TRB
Location: Orlando, Fla.
Contact: Roberta Martin

Florida Department of Transportation

(850) 414-4728

Fax: (850) 488-4752

Email: ( Web site: (

Date: June 20-22, 2002
Event: First International Conference on Thaumasite in Cementitious Materials
Sponsor: BRE
Location: Garston, Hertfordshire, UK
Contact: Angela Mondair +44 1923 664775 Fax: +44 1923 664790 E-mail: (
Date: July 15-19, 2002
Event: 21st Annual South African Transport Conference
Sponsor: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Date: Oct 14-18, 2002
Event: 9th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems
Sponsor: ITS America, VERTIS, ERTICO: Intelligent Transportation Systems - Europe
Location: Chicago, Ill.
Contact: Robert Willis, (202) 484-4544, (
Date: Nov 25-27, 2002
Event: International Conference on Seamless and Sustainable Transport
Sponsor: Centre for Transportation Studies
Location: Singapore
Contact: Christine Mah

( 790 4566

(+65 6790 4566 after March 2002)

Fax: +65 793 0997 (+65 6793 0997 after March 2002)

Date: Feb 11-14, 2003
Event: Geosynthetics 2003
Sponsor: Industrial Fabrics Association International

and Geosynthetic Materials Association

Location: Atlanta, Ga.
Contact: Tracie Coopet

(651) 225-6947