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Public Roads - Nov/Dec 2007

Nov/Dec 2007
Issue No:
Vol. 71 No. 3
Publication Number:
Table of Contents

Internet Watch

"Fight Gridlock Now" Web Site Expands

by Brittany Boughter

In May 2006 the U.S. Department of Transportation introduced the National Strategy to Reduce Congestion on America's Transportation Network (also referred to as the Congestion Initiative), a plan aimed at reversing the Nation's growing congestion problem. The initiative focuses on six areas: urban partnership agreements, public-private partnerships (PPPs), corridors of the future, reduction of southern California freight congestion, reduction of border congestion, and an increase in aviation capacity. Each component details manageable approaches and solutions to reverse congestion trends.

As the Congestion Initiative becomes more public and dynamic, the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Office of Operations is working to engage and educate the public online. To reach the widest audience possible and explain specific elements of the initiative, FHWA maintains the "Fight Gridlock Now" Web site,

After more than a year online, the recently updated site continues to offer a user-friendly platform for public officials, transportation agencies, transpor-tation professionals, businesses, and community leaders. The "Fight Gridlock Now" site is a forum to share the successes of innovative practices that can help the Nation meet its transportation funding needs, improve mobility, and reduce traffic congestion. It also serves as the main communications clearinghouse to inform and guide stakeholders through the application process for Congestion Initiative discretionary funds.

What's New

The site now offers additional resources and sections to meet the needs of the transportation community. Visitors can download the "Fork in the Road" brochure ( and read an innovative dissection of surface transportation policies and what the transportation community can do to improve the congestion situation. The site hosts a "Press Coverage" section with published news stories on subjects such as congestion pricing, toll roads, PPPs, operations and technological improvements, general congestion, freight, and aviation. Visitors also have access to a "Toolbox" section with benchmarking and model legislation resources, a "Policy Corner" section with links to outside organizations, and an "Op-Eds" section with suggested further reading.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial updates to the site is the addition of a "What's New" section that enables stakeholders to obtain information on anticongestion funding opportunities through downloads or links to funding application documents. In addition, the section shares the newest and most innovative thinking and practices among transportation agencies and academics.

The FHWA "Fight Gridlock Now" Web site.

Future Growth

In addition to this recent revision to the site, FHWA's Office of Operations continues to focus on future updates. As transportation thinking and practices evolve, FHWA not only plans to meet the needs of transportation professionals, but also to continue adapting communications to reach members of the public who care about improving transportation and their communities.

FHWA's goal is for people to come away from the site having picked up innovative, long-term solutions to transportation needs in their communities. FHWA officials hope the site will help develop a passion among decisionmakers and the public to "think outside the box" and seek doable and sustainable solutions to the country's transportation needs.

To view the "Fight Gridlock Now" Web site, visit For more information, contact Stephen Fong at

Brittany Boughter is a contributing editor for Public Roads.