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Public Roads - Fall 1996

New Research

Title: Technical Support for Photometric Research

The following new research studies reported by the Federal Highway Administration are sponsored in whole or in part with federal highway funds. For further details on a particular study, please contact Bob Bryant, editor of Public Roads.

Objective: Support research in minimum retroreflectivity values for signs and pavement markings, use of ultraviolet headlights in combination with fluorescent traffic control devices, inter-laboratory comparisons of measurements of fluorescence, calibration of photocontrols for roadway lighting, evaluation of roadway lighting designs, field measurement procedures for traffic signals, and other devices and systems for improving nighttime visibility and guidance.


Last Resource

Expected Completion Date: May 1997

Estimated Cost: $49,634

Title: Collection and Presentation of Roadway Inventory Data

Objective: Investigate new techniques for collecting roadway inventory information, including curvature, grade side slopes, and roadside hazards. Techniques to be explored include vehicle-based collection, satellite images, and digital photography. This research is jointly funded with the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 15-15.

Contractor: National Academy of Sciences

Expected Completion Date: June 2001

Estimated Cost: $205,600

Title: Driver Identification of Highway Hazards

Objectives: Determine which operational and geometric features and cues drivers use to identify hazards in the highway environment so the computerized prototype highway driver module can be correctly designed. This study is part of the driver characteristics portion of the Human Factors Highway Safety Research Program. Laboratory and field studies will be conducted to identify measures to aid drivers in detecting and responding to signals and hazards.

Contractor: Center for Applied Research

Expected Completion Date: November 1998

Estimated Cost: $546,999

Title: Long-Term Pavement Performance Studies North Central Region

Objectives: Provide to the LTPP North Central Regional Coordination Office technical non-personnel services in support of the development and conduct of LTPP studies.

Contractor: ERES Consultants

Expected Completion Date: July 2001

Estimated Cost: $7,500,000

Title: Unified Quantitative Methodology for Integration on Nondestructive Bridge Evaluation and Bridge Management Systems

Objectives: Establish relevant measures of damage for bridge components; identify the nondestructive evaluation (NDE) means to measure the physical indications of relevant damage; establish formal links between NDE indications and new, damage-based condition ratings; and develop a methodology for NDE-assisted bridge inspections to ensure complete and accurate determination of quantitative condition ratings for all bridge elements through a combined application of inspection methods.

Contractor: University of Colorado

Expected Completion Date: May 1999

Estimated Cost: $445,115

Title: Bridge Monitoring by Passive Smart Sensors

Objectives: Establish the optimum-use modes of "smart material" technology for passive bridge monitoring. Work includes a literature review, evaluation of a complete instrumentation package for field installation and possible-use modes for passive sensors under laboratory conditions, and analysis and documentation all findings.


Contractor: Strain Monitor Systems

Expected Completion Date: April 1998

Estimated Cost: $449,558

Title: Bridge Seismic Behavior of Micropile Systems

Objectives: Conduct model studies on micropiles to investigate their seismic behavior under axial and lateral loadings in selected types of engineering applications. Analytical parametric studies will also be done to simulate seismic behavior.

Contractor: Brooklyn Polytechnic University

Expected Completion Date: May 1998

Estimated Cost: $99,994