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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

Hispanic Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety

Several years ago, the FHWA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) completed a project to determine the extent of the ped/bike safety problem as it relates to Hispanic populations in the United States and develop appropriate outreach materials and a plan for distributing them to these audiences. The project was undertaken because anecdotal evidence suggests that a disproportionate number of persons killed and injured in traffic crashes are Hispanic immigrants.

The scope of Part 1 of this project (completed in December 2005) was to determine the extent of the highway safety problem as it relates to Hispanics as pedestrians and Hispanics as bicyclists. Part 2 of this project, which involved using the information gathered in Part 1, included developing a marketing plan that would tell interested audiences how to best "sell" safety to the Hispanic populations of the U.S. and included developing actual products based on the outcome of the marketing plan. Based on the research conducted as part of this effort, 5 brochures, 5 posters and 2 radio PSA's were created that address issues such as alcohol, pedestrian signals, crosswalks, sidewalks, and bicycle safety. All materials are available below: