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FY 19 Blue Ridge Parkway Pavement Preservation

Pavement preservation treatment will be one of the following methods: chip seal with fog seal, thin asphalt overlay, or a combination of chip seal with thin asphalt overlay, of the Blue Ridge Parkway including adjacent pull-offs. Project limits will be as follows: south of US Route 250 (Milepost (MP) 0 – close to Waynesboro) to State Route 56 (MP 27.2 - close to Montebello); from State Route 605 (MP 37.5) to MP 45 (1 mile north of US Route 60); south of US Route 60 (MP 46.1) to just west of US Route 501 (west of James River). Additional work will include minor asphalt pavement patching, and permanent pavement markings. Because of funding considerations, the project will be split into several schedules (options). Road will be open during the construction.

Anticipated Timeline

Completed:  September 2020

Project Photos