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Roanoke River Bridge Resurfacing

Project Description

Roanoke River bridge is 1025-foot long girder-floor beam-stringer bridge with reinforced concrete deck, and continuous steel rails. It consists of 6 spans, and carries two lanes of traffic with curb to curb width of 26 feet. The substructure consists of 5 tall cast-in-place piers and 2 concrete abutments. The bridge was built in 1963. The bridge was last painted in 1985 and no additional repair work has been done since then. A railroad line crosses under the bridge. The existing bridge deck surface is exhibiting cracking and deterioration.

Work will include removing existing asphalt surface course from the cast-in-place concrete bridge deck and resurfacing the bridge deck with a waterproofing membrane followed by an asphalt surface course overlay. The additional work will include repainting the structural steel, repairing cracks at top of piers, repairing hollow sounding/spalled concrete areas of the deck bottom, reconstructing settled and deteriorated asphalt bridge approaches, and cleaning all joints, deck scuppers, bridge rails, curb lines and storm drains. The Roanoke River overlook area located near the south bridge approach will be used as a staging area for the project and it will be repaved at the end of the project. The bridge will be open to traffic during construction and the work will be completed by using single-lane closures.

The Blue Ridge Parkway project may be accessed from State Route 634 (Hardy Road) from the north, and by State Route 617 (Pitzer Road) from the south.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertisement and Award:  Winter 2020 - Spring 2021
Construction:  Fall 2021

Project Photos