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Ouray National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour Route

Construction Updates

Full road closures of the Auto Tour Route are in effect through mid-November 2020.

Project Description

The Auto Tour Route (RTE 011) is a 4.7-mile loop road that provides access to the southwest portion of the refuge which primarily consists of riparian, wetland, and grassland habitat.  During periods of high flows in the Green River, primarily during peak spring runoff, large portions of the southern segment of the roadway inundates with flood water, requiring a full road closure.  The road and access remains closed for long periods of time until the water recedes and subgrade conditions dry.

The project consists of roadway rehabilitation and aggregate surface course resurfacing of approximately 1.6 miles of the northwest segment and 1.5 miles of the northeast segment of the Auto Tour Route (RTE 011).  Turnarounds will be constructed to allow for the southern roadway segment to be closed during period of high flow.  The project includes approximately 1000 feet of roadway realignment away from an area of embankment instability caused by erosion of the river bank during periods of high flow in the Green River.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Summer 2020
Construction: Fall 2020

Project Photos