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Entrance Road (Route 010) and Entrance Parking Area (Route 900) Rehabilitation

Project Description

Entrance Road (Route 010) is an approximately 0.4-mile long, two-lane, two-way paved roadway, with the asphalt concrete pavement exhibiting severe fatigue and alligator cracking. In addition, Entrance Road has drainage problems, with occasional flooding and the resulting standing water during certain storm events. The combination of shallow ditches and small, silted-in culverts may be causing the occasional overtopping of the roadway. Entrance Road will receive full depth pavement reclamation, aggregate and Asphalt Concrete Pavement (ACP) placement, drainage improvements (culvert and pipe repairs/upgrades and ditch reconditioning), signing, speed bump replacement, repair and preservation of the stone pilasters at Hatchery entrance, and a minor bridge repair. Design will evaluate turning movements from Farm-to-Market Road 481 (FM 481) to Entrance Road and will consider providing a wider turning radius or a dedicated turn lane. Entrance Parking Area (Route 900) is an approximately 8,800-square-foot asphalt parking area near the south entrance of the Hatchery. Entrance Parking area will receive full depth pavement reclamation, aggregate and ACP placement, signing and striping. Entrance Road can be accessed from FM 481 (aka S. Old Eagle Pass Rd.) from the south and from US Route 90 (W. Main Street) from the north.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertisement and Award: Fall 2019- Winter 2019/2020 
Construction: Spring 2020 - Winter 2022/2023

Project Photos