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Historic Columbia River Highway - State Trail (Gorton Creek to Lindsey Creek)

Project Overview

The work consists of one viaduct and two bridges; mechanically stabilized welded wire walls, bin walls, and tie-back walls; rock fall protection fencing, netting, and rock bolting; controlled blasting and grading; aggregate base and paving; drainage improvements; parking lot, restroom and kiosk; stone masonry, exposed aggregate sidewalk, and decorative steel and cable railings; waterline; guardrail, signing and striping; and I-84 traffic control and cross-over installation and other small items of work.

Project Background

The Historic Columbia River Highway trail and highway system stretches from Troutdale to The Dalles, OR and is missing the last 8.7 miles for a total of 73 miles once reaching completion. This trail section is a total of 3.3 miles in length running from Wyeth Trailhead to Lindsey Creek.


Project Photos