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Round Hill Pines Access

Project Description

The Round Hill Pines Resort is currently working on improvements to the resort area in a 2 phase plan. Phase 1 is under construction and will be completed prior to beginning work on this project. Phase 2 within the resort includes relocating the entrance access location and connector roads.


The purpose of the project is to increase safety and improve accessibility for motorists, pedestrians, and bicycles entering and exiting the Round Hill Pines Resort from U.S. Highway 50 (US50) in Douglas County, Nevada.


The project is needed because the current US50 entrance configuration into the Round Hill Pines Resort has safety concerns due to limited sight distance for vehicles traveling in both directions along US 50 and unprotected turning movements across US50. In addition to the current configuration, the Round Hill Pines Resort access road contains a narrow roadway width, steep grades, and sharp curves. This limits the flow for two-way traffic containing transit and recreational vehicles. The specific needs driving the project are discussed in further details below.

  • Safety
    • Limited Sight Distance
    • Unprotected turning movements across US50
    • Vehicle queuing in the EB inside lane of US50 during peak visitation periods
  • Accessibility
    • Current access road geometry
    • Bike/pedestrian accommodations

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Winter 2021/2022
Construction: Spring 2022 – Winter 2022/2023

Project Photos