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Maiden Road

Project Description

The roadway serves as a primary access to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in the Judith Mountains. The route serves residential areas, a few businesses and an old US Air Force Installation serving a wide variety of multi-seasonal federal land users.


The road was constructed as a gravel road by the county and improved by a government project to the Air Force Base in the late 1960’s. The roadway has had no major improvements since then and surface has deteriorated to the point to which surface preservation applications would not be cost effective. If these conditions are not addressed, the existing roadbed will fail and vehicle crashes are likely to increase due to the poor conditions of roadway surface and its narrowness.

Scope of Work

The proposed scope of work is rehabilitation of roadway to include improving the driving surface, improving safety by providing a consistent roadway width, and improving the horizontal and vertical curves as needed. Pavement markings, signage, and fencing will also be upgraded where necessary. The anticipated design width will be 22 feet which includes two 11 foot lanes with no shoulders.

Anticipated Timeline

  • Project Re-Advertisement: 2021
  • Construction: Spring 2021 - Summer 2021
  • Project Completion: Fall 2021

Project Photos

Project Documents