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Falling Timber Bridge Replacement

Project Description

The existing bridge located on Shaped Charge Road was constructed in 1930, and consists of a one-span concrete flat slab. The condition of the bridge is rated as “poor” and it needs replacement. Existing abutments have narrowed the channel, scour exists behind the wingwalls and the wingwalls are settling. Project will include replacing existing concrete structure. Additional work will replace existing signage, minor grading and aggregate surfacing. This project will require in-stream work and a stream diversion. The proposed work may impact state endangered animal species and the Federally registered Indiana bat and Northern Long eared bat. The bridge section portion of the road will be closed to traffic during the construction. Project can be accessed from US Route 50 from the north via S Co Rd 900 W.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertisement and Award:  Spring 2021
Construction:  Fall 2021 – Winter 2021/2022

Project Photos