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Henry’s Fork Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study

Study Focus

The City of St. Anthony, ID and Bureau of Land Management have a shared interest to improve access to recreational activities along the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River near St. Anthony, ID. These activities include hiking, biking, birdwatching, hunting, fishing, and many more.

The ultimate goals of the project were to improve public safety and provide better access and usage of the Henry’s Fork Greenway and adjacent public lands. Specifically, this project focuses on options to cross all or portions of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River with a pedestrian bridge(s) downstream of St. Anthony, ID.

The Henry’s Fork Greenway is located on the Henry’s Fork River just downstream (southwest) of St. Anthony, ID. The Greenway is located on the north and the south side of the river, and there are pedestrian trails on both sides of the river. However, there is not a safe and legal way to cross the river. Some people use the railroad bridge at the southwest end of the planning area to cross the river, but it is owned by the Eastern Idaho Railroad (EIRR) and is not currently intended for pedestrian use.

The City of St. Anthony and the BLM applied for funding for a planning study in the 2017 Idaho Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) Call for Projects. The Henry’s Fork Greenway project was selected for funding with the purpose of completing a pedestrian bridge feasibility study to examine bridge crossing options and determine potential funding sources.

Federal Highway Administration-Western Federal Lands Highway Division provided project management and technical staff to produce this Bridge Feasibility Study and an associated Implementation/Funding Plan. The final Study and Implementation/Funding Plan were completed July 2019.