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West Milner Road, 700W to 1100W

Project Description

West Milner Road is a gravel road that provides access to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Historic Milner Recreation Area consisting of campgrounds, boat ramps, docks, and Oregon Trail historical sites. The loose aggregate surfacing is a safety hazard susceptible to washboards and rutting as well as muddy and slippery conditions in the spring and fall seasons and dust conditions during the summer. The roadway also lacks proper drainage facilities (drain ditches and culverts) resulting in erosion and ponding during storm events. The entrances to the Milner Recreation Area are also too narrow for larger vehicles or vehicles with trailers or boats attached. See photos below.


  • Burley Highway District

  • Federal Highway Administration – Western Federal Lands Highway Division

Scope of Work

The project will be constructing the following to improve safety:

  • Construct a paved surface to accommodate the recreational and commercial users of this collector road.
  • Drainage design including hydraulic sizing of culverts, replacing existing culverts and extending existing culverts in good condition.
  • Increase the roadway width to standard and straighten select curved sections of the roadway.
  • Improve the East entrance of the Milner Recreation Area to accommodate trucks with trailers turning into the Milner Recreation Area.

Anticipated Timeline

  • Project Design - Sept 2019 through September 2020
  • Contract Advertisement & Award – Fall 2020
  • Construction – Summer 2021

Project Photos