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Ninole Stream Bridge

Project Overview

The Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration in cooperation with the Hawaii Department of Transportation is developing a project located on the Mamalahoa Highway, Route 11, at M.P 56.7, the Ninole Stream Bridge, on the Island of Hawaii. The Ninole Stream Bridge is located on the Mamalahoa Highway (Route 11) at mile post 56.7 and approximately 480 feet south of the Punaluu Road intersection, in the Kau District.

The project would improve the safety and reliability of the timber bridge, through rehabilitation or replacement, addressing bridge width, load capacity, bridge railing and transitions, and bridge approaches.

A Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has been prepared pursuant to HRS Chapter 343 (as amended), and Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11, Chapter 200. The document is available for download by clicking on the document at the bottom of this page.

HDOT has partnered with the USDOT Central Federal Lands Highways Division (CFLHD) to deliver bridge and other highway improvement projects throughout the islands.

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Project Details:

Under Construction
Island of Hawaii, HI

Mamalahoa Highway, Route 11 is a rural minor arterial on the NHS. Ninole Bridge is located at MP 56.7 and approximately 480 south of the Punaluu Road/Mamalahoa intersection. The purpose of the project is to replace the existing deficient timber bridge to meet current design standards for roadway width, load, capacity bridge railing and transitions and bridge approaches.

Update 7/1/21

Roadway grading along the south approach was completed. Asphalt paving and corrective action milling was performed at the north and south approaches of Ninole Stream Bridge. All guardrail was installed except for the north Mauka end terminal, which cannot be installed until the Ninole bypass is completely removed.

All sign installation was performed except for the Punaluu guide sign which will be installed along with the remaining end terminal. Ninole permanent striping and pavement markers were installed.  ACROW Bypass Bridge removal is currently underway.

Update 2/1/21

There is no new information to share at this time.

Update 1/1/21

There is no new information to share at this time.

Update 12/1/20

Wingwall 1B was poured. The Abutment 1 wingwalls were stripped of formwork and Class A concrete backfill and CLSM were poured. At Abutment 1, CLSM was poured as backfill behind the abutment wall. At Abutment 2, CLSM was poured as backfill behind the abutment wall. Also, Class A concrete backfill was poured at Abutment 2.

Construction Activity Look Ahead:
Roadway Embankment Construction, GRS Construction, End Beam Concrete Pours, Sleeper and Approach Slab Reinforcing Steel Installation, Sleeper and Approach Slab Concrete Pours

Update 11/1/20

There is no new information to share at this time.

Update 10/1/20

Construction is progressing as work advances at Ninole Stream Bridge, where the Abutment 2 wall steel was adjusted following formwork installation and the concrete was then poured. Portions of the Abutment 1 and 2 Class A backfill concrete were also poured, along with a portion of the golf cart path under the bridge at Abutment 1. The Abutment 2 wingwall formwork and reinforcing steel were installed and concrete was poured. A temporary ramp was constructed and the prestressed planks (slab girders) were set in place over two days with a single crane. Following the planks being installed, HDCC set the safety railings and began setting deck formwork. The plank keyways were then grouted in preparation for deck reinforcing steel installation.

Construction Lookahead:
Reinforced Concrete Deck Pour, Abutment 1 Wingwall Pour, GRS Construction, Class A Backfill Concrete Pour, Sleeper and Approach Slab Concrete Pours

Update 9/1/20

Construction is progressing as work advances supporting the future completion of both abutments and wingwalls this upcoming month.  Additional upcoming work includes backfilling the abutment and wingwalls and construction of the roadway approach slabs.

Update 6/1/20

At Ninole Stream Bridge, no contract work has been performed. Operations have been temporarily shut down to allow for development of a new shoring plan to address the Ninole Stream Bridge footing excavations.

Activity look ahead: Safety Measures, Additional Structure Excavation, Geophysical Survey, Probing and Grouting (if necessary), Footing/Wall Reinforcement Installation, Footing Concrete Pours, Abutment Wall Concrete Pours.