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Hoolapa Stream Bridge (Nanahu)

Project Overview

The Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration in cooperation with the Hawaii Department of Transportation is developing a project located on the Kamehameha Highway, Route 83, M.P. 13.39, (Hoolapa Stream) Nanahu Bridge, on the Island of Oahu.

A Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has been prepared pursuant to HRS Chapter 343 (as amended), and Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11, Chapter 200. The document is available for download by clicking on the documents link atthe bottom of this page.

HDOT has partnered with the USDOT Central Federal Lands Highways Division (CFLHD) to deliver bridge and other highway improvement projects throughout the islands.

Other HDOT/CFL MOA Partnership Projects

Project Details

Under Construction
Island of Oahu, HI
The project is located on the Kamehameha

Highway (Route 83) at mile post 13.39, west of the Marconi Road intersection in Kahuku. The project improves the safety and reliability of the existing bridge, through rehabilitation or replacement, addressing bridge width, load capacity, bridge railing and transitions, and bridge approaches.

Update 6/1/20

The bridge deck and accompanying bridge rail have been completed. The contractor will be working on the approach slab and approach road grading.

Update 5/1/20

There is no new information to share at this time.

Update 4/1/20

There is no new information to share at this time.

Update 3/1/20

There is no new information to share at this time.

Update 2/1/2020

Kawela Stream Bridge

All of the piles at abutment 2 were installed and the area around them excavated in preparation for placement of the abutment footing. The test pile was installed at abutment 1. The remaining 7 pile locations were predrilled in preparation for driving.
Nanahu Stream Bridge
The temporary bypass road was opened to traffic on December 18, 2019 and traffic detoured around the existing bridge. KIWC potholed for the location of the waterline makai of the existing bridge. The waterline was found to be in conflict with the planned GRS abutments, initiating a redesign of the abutments. KIWC plans to begin excavation for the abutments when the redesign is complete, which is anticipated to be at the end of the month.
Off Site Activities
GPRM will begin casting the precast concrete bridge girders for both bridges.
Design Activity Look Ahead
The Design is complete, and the project is now in construction. The discovery of the exact location of the waterline at Nanahu Stream Bridge initiated a redesign of the layout of the bridge abutments.

Update 12/1/19

There is no new information to share at this time.

Update 11/1/19

There is no new information to share at this time.