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Fritz Road Resurfacing and SR-29/Fritz Road Intersection Improvements

Project Description

The project will resurface an existing gravel one-lane, two-way Fritz Road, with asphalt pavement, beginning at the intersection with State Route (SR-) 29 and extending west for 0.25 miles. Fritz Road serves as an entrance road to the refuge. The project will also include geometric improvements to the existing gravel Visitor Center parking areas, and constructing new gravel pull-off next to Fritz Road. In addition, the project includes adding a deceleration lane (from north to south) and a left-turn lane (from south to north), from SR-29 onto Fritz Road. As part of the project, the existing wetlands were delineated during the preliminary design, and the improvements will not disturb wetlands. The project can be accessed from SR-93 (Everglades Parkway) via SR-29 from the south and from Oil Well Road (County Route 858) via SR-29 from the north.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertisement and Award:  Winter 2020/2021

Construction:  Spring 2021 - Winter 2021/2022

Project Photos