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Main Park Road and Visitor Center Parking Areas Pavement Preservation

Project Description

Pavement preservation will consist of resurfacing of approximately 10 miles of Main Park Road (Route 10) and about 110,000 square feet of the Visitor Center Parking Area (Route 900). The Park is located off State Route 9336 southwest of Florida City. The Route 10 roadway work will include ½-inch depth asphalt pavement milling, followed by 2-inch depth asphalt concrete pavement overlay, shoulder reconditioning, signs and pavement markings, and other miscellaneous work. The Route 900 parking area work will consist of 1 ½-inch depth asphalt concrete pavement overlay, signs and pavement markings.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertisement and Award Letter: Spring 2019 - Summer 2019
Construction: Winter 2020 - Summer 2021

Project Photos