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Constitution Avenue and 18th Street Intersection Improvements

Project Description

DC Circulator and Big Bus buses stop at the pull-off area located on Constitution Ave at 18th St. There is currently no crosswalk on Constitution Avenue at its intersection with 18th Street, creating unsafe conditions for pedestrians. As part of this project, a crosswalk will be provided in this location to increase pedestrian safety, assist bus usage, and improve access from the north side of Constitution Ave to the National Mall and Constitution Gardens areas. Adding a crosswalk will require traffic signal enhancements and minor existing sidewalk modifications. The crosswalk is planned on the east side of the intersection. The buses currently have a difficult time turning into the existing pull-off area, routinely hitting the curbs at the entrance and exit of the pull-off area. Modifying the existing median island will be evaluated to improve the bus usage of the pull-off area.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertisement:  Fall 2021 – Winter 2021/2022
Construction:  Spring 2022 - Winter 2022

Project Photos