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Tioga Road and Tuolumne Meadows and Tenaya Lake Parking

Project Description

This project will consist of roadway resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation of 12 miles of Tioga Pass Road including eliminating off road/shoulder parking and reconfiguring/expanding parking areas within the Tuolumne Meadows and Tenaya Lake areas to improve the safety of pedestrians and drivers, within Yosemite National Park, CA.  The project includes work at 12 parking sites within Tuolumne Meadows, 4 parking areas at Tenaya Lake and heavy maintenance repairs to the Tuolumne River Bridge.  The Tuolumne Meadows area of the park experiences high visitation which is estimated at over 600,000 visitors per year (all occurring during the open period from late spring through summer).  The terrain is mountainous with the elevation for the work ranging between 8,200 and 9,200 feet.  Tioga Road is typically closed throughout the project limits from October to May due to heavy winter/spring snowfall and avalanche hazards.  See website below for historical seasonal opening and closing dates:

This project increases the existing formal parking supply in Tuolumne Meadows through reconfiguration and expansion of existing parking lots, and formalization of parking along the Stables Road. Off road/shoulder parking along Tioga Road in the vicinity of the existing Visitor Center and Cathedral Lake trailhead will be removed after the expanded parking is constructed.  This project also addresses roadside parking congestion and visitor safety in the Tenaya Lake area through reconfiguration of 4 existing parking lots, removal or formalization of roadside parking, installation of crosswalks, and sidewalk improvements.

All of the work is occurring in cultural and natural resource sensitive areas and there are numerous environmental constraints that my affect the construction schedule and operations.

Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan Record of Decision

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Summer 2020
Construction: Summer 2020 – Fall 2022

Project Photos