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South Ocean Beach Trail

Project Description

This project will remove 160,700 square feet of asphalt from the southbound lanes of the Great Highway from Sloat Boulevard to Skyline Boulevard. Proposed improvements consist of removing the existing southbound pavement, except for a 12-foot-wide section for the new shared-use path, and development of an approximately 19,500 square feet area for 50 new parking spaces. A 6-foot-wide decomposed granite path will be placed alongside the 12 foot shared used path. The area will be revegetated with native plants.

Safety improvements include separating the bicycle and pedestrian traffic from the roadway, removing the informal parking along the southbound lanes, and providing designated parking spaces with access to trails and the shared-use path.

The project is currently on hold while other projects along Skyline Drive are completed.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Fall 2026
Construction: Winter 2026 – Fall 2027

Project Photos