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Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Point Reyes Roads

Project Description

The proposed project includes rehabilitation, resurfacing, restoration, and reconstruction of approximately 12.9 miles of roadway and pavement preservation of approximately 20.9 miles of roadway within Point Reyes National Seashore (PRNS). Rehabilitation and reconstruction is included on 12.0 miles of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard (SFDB) from Pierce Point Road to Chimney Rock/Lighthouse Roads (including bridge construction at Schooner Creek), and on 0.9 miles of Chimney Rock Road. Pavement preservation is included on 7.5 miles of Limantour Road, 1.5 miles of Lighthouse Road and 11.9 miles of various roadways and parking areas within PRNS. Also included is construction of a 2-acre wetland restoration site at the existing Drakes Beach parking lot.


The purpose of the project is to restore the structural integrity of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Point Reyes National Seashore (PRNS) roads and enhance safety and improve mobility for all users while reducing ongoing maintenance requirements.


Within the project area SFDB is narrow with substandard roadway width, and is deteriorating at an accelerated pace. The declining condition may necessitate vehicle restrictions or closures if not rehabilitated in the near future. Between Milepost (MP) 9 and MP 10, a 0.5-mile section of the roadway also floods seasonally, which restricts access because the road becomes impassible. SFDB and many of the PRNS roads were originally unimproved dirt roads that were chip sealed and have never undergone major rehabilitation. The existing pavement was not designed to handle the current traffic loads. Marin County (SFDB) and the National Park Service (PRNS roads) have carried out partial and temporary repair projects over the years to keep the roads and parking areas operational and to meet the needs of the traveling public. The project roads and parking areas need to be rehabilitated and paved surfaces restored to extend their service life, and/or reduce long-term maintenance requirements.

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Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Fall 2019
Construction: Spring 2020 - Summer 2022

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