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Mountain Quarry Bridge

Project Description

The bridge was purchased by the Bureau of Reclamation as part of the anticipated reservoir to be created by the Auburn Dam. The bridge is now an element of the Auburn State Recreation Area and sees daily public use. The current railing is not suitable for equestrian or pedestrian access as reflected in the most recent bridge inspection, conducted by Reclamation in 2016.

The bridge is an earth fill concrete arch bridge with an aggregate base rock deck surface. This surface has significant (approximately one foot) settlement at the center pier. This has caused the center of the bridge to pond up to a foot of water. Re-grading the surface and reestablishing positive drainage will increase safety for those using the bridge for its authorized purposes.

The bridge's deck and railings were evaluated as "Fair" in 2016, consistent with "minor to moderate defects and/or deterioration." The railing height is evaluated as "not adequate." In general, the current railing design is not up to code for children, equestrians, or even inattentive adults; the current condition does not provide safe public access across the bridge.

The proposed work:

  • Remove the existing railing system and install a new system that meets current code and design practice for pedestrian and equestrian use.
  • Regrade the existing bridge deck aggregate surface and install a drainage system as required.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Summer 2020
Construction: Spring - Fall 2021

Project Photos