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Morning Star Mine, Kelbaker, and Ivanpah Roads

Project Development

Morning Star Mine Road:

Morning Star Mine Road, Route 13 is a 15-mile long corridor from Kelso Cima Road to Ivanpah Road. It is a key link between Interstate 40 and 15, posted at 55mph with an approximate ADT of 650. The roadway width varies from 22 feet to 24 feet. The route is characterized by extremely soft shoulders, with numerous low water crossings. The proposed project includes: increasing the roadway width to a consistent 26 feet; providing low water crossings; improving safety, updated signing, pavement markings and paved pullouts.

Kelbaker Road:

Kelbaker Road, Route 10, crosses the Kelso Wash, just northwest of the Kelso Depot. This section of road suffered flood damage during the 2018 summer monsoons. The damaged sections are within nine spot locations generally at low water crossings, and includes erosion of fill slopes.  Proposed work includes construction of low water crossings.

Ivanpah Road:

Approximately 2.5 miles of Ivanpah Road, Route 14, serves as the connection to Morning Star Mine Road. This section of the road extends from the termini of Morning Star Mine road to the Preserve boundary, approximately 0.5 miles south of Nipton road which connects to Interstate 15. Proposed work includes widening to a consistent 26 feet width and possible construction of a commercial vehicle turn-around, signing and pavement markings.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Spring 2022
Construction: Spring 2022 - Summer 2023

Project Photos