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Long Avenue and Stinson Beach Parking

Project Description

The project will widen and reconstruct 0.19 miles of Long Avenue within Fort Point National Historic Site (FOPO), rehabilitate the Stinson Beach Entry Road (0.36 miles) and North and Central Parking Areas, rehabilitate Fort Funston Parking Areas and Access Drive, and pave and formalize Tennessee Valley Trailhead Parking Lot, within Golden Gate Park.

On Long Avenue (Route 110), the narrow road will be widened to provide enough width to accommodate an uphill bike lane. The improvements will be done within the existing road bench, but will require additional paved width. In some areas, there is sufficient width for this additional pavement, but in more constrained sections, filling of the historic drainage and/or cuts/fills may be necessary. Long Avenue is an important segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail; it carries up to 5000 cyclists a day on their way from Fisherman’s Wharf through the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge. Currently, this narrow road supports 2-way auto and bicycle traffic, along with pedestrian traffic. There are no bike lanes, sidewalks or shoulders such that cars, bikes and pedestrians share the car lanes. This project will provide much needed improvements for safety and visitor experience, as described in the Presidio Bikeways Master Plan and EA. Roadway widening may require up to 950 linear feet of retaining wall.

For Stinson Beach, on the road and parking areas, pulverize existing asphalt and base course and regrade to drain. Remove, replace, install drainage inlets and culverts to provide drainage from parking and roadways. Resurface with hot mix asphalt paving. Replace deteriorated curbing and sidewalks as required, and install curb cuts to meet current ADA requirements. Restripe all pavement markings and parking stalls. All paved areas are to be renovated including South and Central Parking areas, as well as access road, maintenance parking areas and access roads with integral drainage connected to drainage of parking areas. Work may include raising parking lots to accommodate sea level rise.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Winter 2021
Construction: Spring 2021 - Fall 2021

Project Photos