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Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge Public Access Improvements

Project Description

The work on approximately 2.3 miles of Refuge Entrance Road (Route 010) (from Arizona State Route (SR) 286 on the west to Visitor Center Parking on the east) will be as follows: asphalt concrete pavement rehabilitation, shoulder widening on the west side of SR 286, fence replacement, intersection improvement at Route 010 and Service Road (Route 405) intersection, signing and striping, turf establishment and other miscellaneous work. The work at approximately 10-miles or Pronghorn Tour Loop Road (Route 011) will be as follows: rehabilitate gravel road, minor re-grading of roadside ditches, construction of 5 new aggregate surfaced pullouts, signing and turf establishment. The work at Visitor Center Parking (Route 900) will be as follows: rehabilitate approximately 8,500-square feet of parking area. The parking area will be upgraded to provide accessible parking in compliance with the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), as well as an accessible walkway from the parking area to an existing sidewalk leading to the Visitor Center. The 1,600-square foot unpaved portion of the parking area will be paved. The parking area will be striped, and signs will be updated. The work at the Overflow Parking (Route 909) will be as follows: construct a new, approximately 12,500-square foot paved parking area and turn around loop extending northwest from the end of Refuge Entrance Road, opposite the Visitor Center Parking. The parking area will be striped, and signs will be installed.

Project Photos