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Erbie Road and Low-Water Crossings

Project Description

The project is funded under the Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads program (ERFO). Heavy rain and flooding over a three-day period in May of 2015 caused extensive damage to Compton-Erbie Road (County Road 19), County Road 57, and Erbie Campground Road (County Road 79) in Newton County, Arkansas. The proposed improvements would repair the damage and provide a more sustainable transportation facility. At County Road 19 the proposed improvements would rehabilitate a 2-mile section of the road through the replacement of the base and surface course of the road and grading of the road and ditches for better drainage. Two low-water crossings would be replaced and the road approaches would be reconstructed. The first low-water crossing is being replaced with multiple box culverts and is located along County Road 57 at Cove Creek, and the second is located along County Road 79 at Cove Creek. The work on Erbie Road (County Road 19) will start at its intersection with County Road 57 and will continue west.

Anticipated Timeline

Completed:  October 2020