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Bonnie Brae Access to the Treadwell Ditch Trail


The Bonnie Brae subdivision, located on Douglas Island in the City and Borough of Juneau, contains a 1.5-mile makeshift trail accessing the Treadwell Ditch Trail. The Bonnie Brae trail is narrow, unsustainably graded, and features dilapidated plank walkways and loose soil. The City and Borough of Juneau, the US Forest Service, and Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFLHD) are working together with the public to assess trail options and improvements that would enhance access to the Treadwell Ditch Trail and make it safer, as well as more environmentally friendly. This reconstruction plan may include a parking lot, as well as other features to facilitate access from the Bonnie Brae subdivision to the Treadwell Ditch Trail.


The project s anticipated timeline is 12-15 months total. It kicked off in March of 2023 and is anticipated to end in Spring 2024.

Project Initiation

March 2023

Site Visit

June 2023

Public Outreach Questionnaire

July 2023

Potential Improvement Options

November 2023

Public Involvement Sessions

December 2023

Draft Plan for Public Review

Early Spring 2024

Final Plan

Spring 2024



There is a need to enhance multi-use access to the Treadwell Ditch Trail in a way that is safe and environmentally friendly. The proposed planning effort will end with a reconstruction plan.

The goals of this reconstruction plan are to:

  1. Improve access to the Treadwell Ditch Trail from the Bonnie Brae area
  2. Provide sufficient parking for current/future use
  3. Protect local ecosystem from degradation
  4. Improve trail conditions and design for users

Design alternatives will be assessed with the help of community feedback on how well the alternatives address the stated goals, as well as which goals may be most or least important to users.

Site Description

The following site designs offer potential access points and parking solutions for the Treadwell Ditch Trail near Bonnie Brae. The designs do not address other potential trail improvements, such as grading, that may also be part of the final site plan. All proposed parking areas utilize land owned by the City and Borough of Juneau.

Overview (parking alternatives)


Overview (parking alternatives)

This overview of the trail area shows all three proposed sites (marked by red dots) in relation to the existing Bonnie Brae trail and Treadwell Ditch Trail (marked in orange). Note that the Douglas Highway site (Site 3), if chosen, would require the construction of a new trail that links up with the existing Bonnie Brae route, but the new trail shown here is for illustrative purposes only; a specific route has not been determined at this time.

Site 1: Bonnie Brae 4 Spaces


Site 1 Bonnie Brae 4 Spaces

Site 1 offers a minimal design that consists of adding several parking spaces at the existing entrance to the Bonnie Brae trailhead. It contains the fewest parking spaces out of the three proposed designs and is the least expensive option to design and construct.

Site 2: Bonnie Brae 12 Spaces


Douglas Hwy 20 Spaces

Site 2 is also located at the existing Bonnie Brae trailhead, but this design involves making inroads into the trail itself and proposing an access drive to allow for a larger parking area and a turnaround at the end. This design offers more parking than Site 1 and less parking than Site 3. Its design and construction costs more than Site 1 but less than Site 3.

Site 3: Douglas Hwy 20 Spaces


Douglas Hwy 20 Spaces

Site 3 proposes a new trailhead and access point along the North Douglas Highway. This location was chosen to address existing and desired access to the Treadwell Ditch Trail in an accessible location that would be potentially less disruptive to the Bonnie Brae community. It s proposed that the current trailhead within the Bonnie Brae subdivision would be retained with minimal improvements. This design includes a two-lane entry and exit drive, and it offers the most space for parking out of the three designs.  A new connecting trail would also need to be built. This option is the most expensive option to design and construct.

Selected Results from Public Outreach Questionnaire

In the summer of 2023, a questionnaire was made available online to interested members of the public who wished to comment on the Bonnie Brae access trail. Some of the questionnaire results are shown below. See the Bonnie Brae Survey Summary for the full report.


Showing Survey Question Number 9


Showing Survey Question Number 10


Showing Survey Question Number 11

How to Engage

The project s anticipated timeline is 12-14 months (Spring 2023 through Spring 2024). To stay up to date on the project, click the link below to add your contact information to the project email list.

Email Seth English-Young