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Supplements for Chapter 9 (CFL)

CFLHD Supplements are available for the following PDDM sections:

Section 9.1 - General

9.1.3 Exceptions to Design Standards

  • Supplement Documenting Design Exceptions - provides guidance in documenting exceptions to Highway Design Standards within CFLHD using the Highway Design Standards form

Section 9.3 - Geometric Design

9.3.1 Geometric Design Controls

  • Supplement Local Roads - describes the process for selecting to use the AASHTO Guidelines for Geometric Design of Very Low-Volume Local Roads (ADT = 400)

Section 9.6 - PS&E Development

9.6.3 PS&E Development at Various Stages of Design

9.6.4 Reviews

  • Supplement 9.6.4-1 CFLHD Design Review Procedures - describes the procedures for submitting a project package of plans, specifications, and cost estimate (PS&E package) for review at project milestones listed in the project specific Project Management Plan.
  • Supplement Signoff Procedures - describes the process for submitting the completed PS&E package to Contracts at Signoff < FUTURE >

9.6.5 Plans

  • Supplement 9.6.5-1 Standard Format for Plans - describes the standard format for project plans created within and for CFLHD

9.6.6 Supporting Information

  • Supplement Computation of Quantities - clarifies how various quantities are to be calculated < FUTURE >
  • Supplement Project Technical Memorandum - describes the Project Technical Memorandum prepared during the project development process
  • Supplement PE Package - provides guidance for assembling the PE Package < FUTURE >

9.6.7 Computation of Construction Schedule and Contract Time

9.6.8 Engineer's Estimate

  • Supplement Development of Prices - explains how prices are developed at the various project development review stages < FUTURE >

9.6.9 Specifications

  • Supplement Writing Special Contract Requirements - provides CFLHD guidance for creating special contract requirements (SCR) for the PS&E package < FUTURE >
Updated: Thursday, March 24, 2022