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Case Studies

This section shows some case study examples of design visualization projects produced by FLHD as well as some of their sub-consultants. Each case studys steps through the techniques and applications used. In most cases, small low resolution images can be clicked to download high resolution versions of the images or media files. A right click will also allow you to download the files to a local drive.

A digitally rendered highway through a canyon.

Bautista Canyon Road, California

A thumbnail of the Cuba La Cueva project.

Cuba La Cueva, New Mexico

A cuba la cueva microstation model project thumbnail.

Cuba La Cueva Microsation Model

A thumbnail for the Big Lake Dam Road project.

Big Lake Dam Road, Arizona

A thumbnail for the beartooth highway project

Beartooth Highway, Wyoming and Montana

A thumbnail for the Guanella Pass project.

Guanella Pass, Colorado

Updated: Monday, July 27, 2020