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Going-to-the-Sun Road Rehab

These contracts have been awarded to cover a multitude of projects in specified areas. This section lists the name of the contracts, contract period, and area of coverage. Additionally, the IDIQ (prime) contractors' company name, phone, and address is available for subcontracting inquiries. Projects awarded to the prime contractor are listed below the contractors' information.

Contract Period: Base Period - June 13, 2007 through June 12, 2009 and four 2-year option periods.
Area of Coverage: Glacier National Park, MT.

HK Contractors

Contract Number: DTFH70-07-D-00009
Address: P.O. Box 51450, Idaho Falls, ID 83405
Phone: (208) 523-6600

Awarded Projects:
  • DTFH70-07-D-00009/0001, MT PRA GLAC 10(40), Going-to-the-Sun Road Rehabilitation, Rising Sun to St. Mary, Phase 13

Date: 3/5/2015, Award Amount: $4,792,373.00

  • DTFH70-07-D-00009 T-13-002, MT PRA GLAC 10(39), GTSR Rehabilitation, Siyeh Bend to Rising Sun, Phase XII

Date: 06/14/2013, Award Amount: $19,881,769.25

  • DTFH70-07-D-00009 T-13-001, MT PRA GLAC 1041(1), Construct Additional Parking Module at the Apgar Transit Center

Date: 01/31/2013, Award Amount: $617,945.00

  • DTFH70-07-D-00009 T-11-002, MT PRA GLAC 10(22), GTSR Rehabilitation, Avalanche to West Tunnel, Phase VII

Date: 09/14/2011, Award Amount: $5,310,971.00

  • DTFH70-07-D-00009 T-11-001, MT PRA GLAC PW(2), Park Wide Traffic and Quality Control

Date: 04/29/2011, Award Amount: $2,001,462.00

  • DTFH70-07-D-00009 T-10-001, MT PRA GLAC 10(31), Logan Pass to Siyeh Bend, Phase XI

Date: 04/13/2010, Award Amount: $10,831,102.80

  • DTFH70-07-D-00009 T-09-003, MT NPS ERFO 2007(1)-45(4), GTSR MP 19.25 Slope Repair

Date: 07/17/2009, Award Amount: $329,570.00

  • A badge representing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.DTFH7007D00009 T-09-004, MT PRA-GLAC 10(23), GTSR Rehabilitate, Big Bend to Logan Pass, Phase VIII

Date: 7/09/2009, Award Amount: $14,987,892.50

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-09-002, MT PRA GLAC PW(1), Park Wide Traffic and Quality Control 

Date: 04/17/2009, Award Amount: $768,307.25

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-09-001, MT PRA GLAC 10(36), GTSR Stone Recovery

Date: 02/13/2009, Award Amount: $1,999,989.00

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-08-006, MT NPS ERFO 2007(1)-45(5), GTSR MP 23.3 Slope Repair

Date: 08/27/2008, Award Amount: $1,017,214.00

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-08-005, MT NPS ERFO 2007(1)-45(3), GTSR MP 33 Permanent ERFO Repairs, Phase II

Date: 08/12/2008, Award Amount: $4,355,934.00

  • DTFH70-07-D-00009 T-08-004, MT PRAC-GLAC 10(27), Rehabilitate West Entrance Station

Date: 6/20/2008, Awarded Amount: $809,556.50

  • DTFH70-07-D-00009 T-08-003, MT PRAC-GLAC 10(28), St. Mary Visitor Center Rehabilitation

Date: 4/21/2008, Awarded Amount: $2,279,868.00

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-08-002, MT PRA GLAC 10(33), GTSR Crystal Point to Haystack.

Date: 4/2/2008, Award Amount: $9,990,136.00

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-08-001, GTSR Quarry Stone Production for Phases VI and VII.

Date: 1/29/2008, Award Amount: $2,499,999.76

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-07-003, GTSR MP 33 Permanent ERFO Repairs.

Date: 9/10/2007, Award Amount: $1,712,350.00

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-07-002, Base Period Traffic Control.

Date: 6/13/2007 through 6/12/2009, Award Amount: $545,000.00

  • DTFH7007D00009 T-07-001, MT PRA-GLAC 10(21), Going to the Sun Road Rehabilitation, WEST TUNNEL TO HAYSTACK, PHASE VI.

Date: 6/13/2007, Amount: $12,210,262.00 base only

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