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Office of Civil Rights Staff Listing

Associate Administrator:
Irene Rico

Title Name E-Mail
Operations Team
Operations/EEO/RA/Anti-Harassment Team Leader Tanya Emam
EEO and Special Emphasis Program Manager Nikisha Bennett
Anti-Harassment Coordinator Anita Heard
Disability Program Manager Liz Kraszewski
Disability Program Manager Kirsten Poston
EEO Program and Management Analyst Lucy Marius
Operations Program Analyst Maria Thomas
ADA Program
ADA Program Team Leader Sharon Field
ADA Program Analyst Betzy Morales
ADA Program Analyst Melissa Anderson
ADA Program Analyst Todd Webb
ADA Program Analyst Morgan Hecht
ADA Program Analyst Jodi McCann
ADA Program Analyst Eric Hathaway
DBE and Contractor Compliance
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst Martha Kenley
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst David Chandler
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst Christine Thorkildsen
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst Janelle Hinton
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst Rachyl Smith
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst Eric Ross
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst Stephanie James
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst Andrea Kirk
Equity Program
Equity Program Director Shari Schaftlein
Acting Equity Program Analyst Jocelyn Jones
Title VI Program
Title VI Program Team Leader Nichole McWhorter
Title VI Program Manager Kevin Resler
Title VI Program Analyst Erik Lacayo
Title VI Program Analyst Christopher Hassler
Title VI Program Analyst Lisa Tapia
Title VI Program Analyst Marjorie Espina Hughes
Title VI Program Analyst Jenny Liang
Title VI Investigations
Title VI Investigations Program Analyst Christopher Amy
Title VI Investigations Program Analyst Joseph Carroll
Title VI Investigations Program Analyst Raymond Littles
Title VI Investigations Program Analyst Yolanda Morris

* Team members currently on rotational assignments.

DBE = Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DBE/SS = Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Supportive Services
EEO = Equal Employment Opportunity
ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act

Organizational Chart